Don’t gawk

“It’s great to see neighbors helping each other after this latest severe weather event. But next time would all of you ‘rubberneckers’ please stay home and out of the way.

It looked like the ‘Stones’ were in town with all those people trying to drive by to see what was going on.

If you want to see destruction go home and watch the weather channel and stay out of the way!

Looks terrible

“Why does the police department have a tattered flag flying in front of their department? Can’t they afford to replace it? I think it looks terrible.

Get a life

“The government wants your land, South Main residents claim that a B/B will turn into a party house, Mr. Walden can’t write, Bush wants to tap my phone to see what I ordered from the pizza place and teachers make too much money ... add that to the blowhard speeches about Constitutional liberties on guns and you’ve got all of our problems in a nutshell ... and I do mean nuts. Get a life.

All employees

“ I agree with a cost of living raise for CRMC employees but I also think it should include every employee not just nurses.

It takes everyone to insure the hospital is running properly. We are a team! We have all been affected by the rising cost of living. Other hospitals pay well over CRMC rates.

Out of touch

“Saxby Chambliss has shown he is out of touch with the American voter. With President Bush’s approval rating at 42 percent and falling again, he supports all his failed policies. Saxby’s political ambition has taken priority over serving his country and constituents.


“Mrs. Ester Daniels and children: You all are wonderful people! Thank God you live in my town, Moultrie.

The world needs more folks like you all...I appreciate the effort you went through to locate me after finding my bank debit card outside Wal-Mart-mart. Thank you again and God Bless.


“You don’t have to have a lot of intellect to understand Walden’s columns. That’s why he has such a large following.


“Thanks to the person who found my purse in a buggy at the grocery store.


“Because of a ‘visitor’, our town is now divided and our council is being sued.

Legal process

“Sen. Chambliss keeps reading the party line. The question is not whether it is justified or needed to tap private conversations, it is whether the legal process which the president has available has been utilized.

And the answer is no, it has not.

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