Thank you to a commissioner

“I would like to give a great big ‘Thank You’ to County Commissioner Mr. Paul Nagy for listening to my concerns and problems with the drugs and loud music in Funston. He was very concerned and told me that he would talk to the Sheriff’s Department about patroling out here more, and they are. Thank you so much Mr. Nagy.”

A call for two graduations

“Graduation this year was awful! People were so rude! You couldn’t even hear the names being called or the speakers! Maybe we should have two graduations! For the people who want to come in 30-40 minutes late and act like idiots and then another one for those who actually want to enjoy graduation.”

A foster parenting question

“Why weren’t some of the families that the foster parents of the year interviewed asked about how they interacted with the children’s parents? Then there would have been no questions concerning the way they conducted themselves. Things aren’t always as they seem. There is always two sides to every story. What we read on paper may not be as it is.”

We can’t expect children to do any better

“It’s no wonder there’s so much disrespectful activity in our schools. If the parents are allowed to act like wild animals during graduation we can’t expect the children to be any better behaved than what their parents are allowed to do!”

Graduation becoming loathsome

“Graduation is one of the most important events in our children’s lives and it has become so unruly it’s almost loathsome to attend!”

The aid given to South America

“We give South America billions in aid which just disappears. Now, liberals want America to give them more aid to build houses there and give more aid for welfare programs there. That’s why liberals can agree there is a crisis at our Southern Border, so America can start taking care of South Americans in South America.”

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