Investigation getting good

“The Democrats’ Congressional ‘star witness,’ John Dean, who has nothing to do with the Trump Administration and, by Dean’s own admission, has no idea of anything Trump is doing. Democrats want to deflect Barr’s investigation into Trump’s investigators and hide investigations while Barr and Durham are digging deep into Trump’s investigators. This is getting REAL good.”

Ocasio-Cortez needs money?

“Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D-NY), says her $174K annual congressional salary isn’t enough. This comes from someone who made $25K annually bartending. She just cannot get her hands on enough spending money. Imagine that, a spendaholic Democrat who demands more money. And if she doesn’t get it, she says, “Or else”. Ooooh. Scary stuff from Democrats.”

Biden’s beef with Amazon

“Saw where Biden is complaining about Amazon. This problem didn’t matter for 8 years when, as VP, Biden could have changed it. Now, suddenly, it matters? Puh-lease. And Bezos slept in the White House how many times while Biden was VP? Somebody’s trying to hide their past and regain their lost legacy.”

One is transparent; the other, underhanded

“So, Trump is bad for his willingness to read opposition political research; somehow, that’s worse to the Ranter than Hillary’s paying others to generate false opposition political research. This idea highlights one difference between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans tend to be transparent, straightforward. Democrats tend to be sly and underhanded. Trump and Hillary, respectively, are fantastic examples.”

Why conservatives want Biden

“Last I heard, over 100,000 people signed up for Trump’s rally in Tampa while 85 people turned out for Biden’s recent rally. That’s why conservatives SO, SO want Biden to be the Democrat’s pick, rigged debates and election or not. Is there any question who’s going to win if this keep up?”

A happy Trump supporter

“Yes, this Trump person is very happy with everything! The economy is great and many other accomplishments!! Go Trump2020! Keep America Great!!!! Oh you on the other hand better be concerned. Your party’s offering nothing but a socialist government. No thanks to Biden, Bernie or any of the other Democratic clowns!”

The reason for California fires

“California fires are normal, but the severity and size are not. The droughts are longer, the land is drier. That IS a product of climate change.”

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