Making ‘rule of law’ optional

“The Constitution REQUIRES President Trump defend America from invasion. When he does, Democrats attack him. Then, Nancy Pelosi advises people who are here illegally, and who’ve been told by courts they don’t meet asylum criteria, about hiding from ICE and remaining in America illegally, defying a court order? The ‘rule of law’ has become ‘optional’ under Democrats like Pelosi.”

Do what you encourage others to do

“Democrats routinely claim America is awful, unjust, evil, racist, etc., yet they encourage illegals to risk life and limb to come here. If America is so bad, they’d be discouraging people from coming here. Meanwhile, Democrats steadfastly refuse to leave America to seek their socialist utopia. Why don’t Democrats do what they encourage others to do?”

Obama-Trump cost comparisons

“As president, this past Saturday was Trump’s 211th day at a Trump golf club, and his 279th day at a Trump property. Compare this to 328 days in 8 years for Obama. Cost comparison: $96 million for Obama for 8 years; $102 million for Trump for 2 1/2 years. Let’s talk about how government money is spent!”

Pathetic talk from a president

“Donald Trump is pathetic. He is supposed to be the President of the United States of American. How can he single out one city/state? This man is hurting too many people. The Republicans are saying nothing. The Republicans are not going to have any grounds to stand on when a Democratic President takes office.”

Failure to deny = tacit agreement

“Funny thing about Baltimore, for all the grief Democrats gave Trump over his comments, no media outlet ever said his comments weren’t true. His comments were true. Failure to deny is tacit agreement, even if they didn’t like what he said. This is how Democrat voters live, and continue to reelect, and don’t understand when nothing improves for them.”

You’ll always be a victim

The only thing I can say to the ranter who’s decided that he or she is below the ‘reigning class’ is this: if you make yourself a victim then you’ll always be one.

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