Join us in the 21st century

“So, ‘If you’re white then you can’t ... ever understand.’ This 1940s level of bigotry is intolerable in America today. And the racist attitude of ‘If you’re white...,’ did the ranter learn NOTHING from our country’s terrible past? Will you ever learn and join us in the 21st century? America isn’t about ‘black, white or Latino.’ It’s about people. Grow up!”

Warren’s tax the rich plan

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren, (D-MA), wants to tax the rich to provide daycare for America’s newborns plus cancel student loan debt for ‘95 percent of people.’ One think tank noted her plan would actually COST America $700 billion more. And removing rich folk’s incentive to stay rich will help who? It won’t help anyone in America. More promised Democrat freebies, taxpayer funded.”

Life has disappointments

“So I guess your little baby didn’t get picked for cheerleader so you’re going to cry and whine about it. Get over it and teach your daughter to get over it too. Life is full of disappointments!”

Why are we losing teachers?

“I see where Colquitt County still needed teachers the week before school started but we’ve lost many teachers and administrators to other districts recently. Must be something going on.”

What happened to the Michigan votes?

“So, Cory Booker said in the debates that Trump won Michigan because Russians suppressed black voters. All along I thought the dead and illegal Democrat voters didn’t turn out hard enough for Hillary ... or the stuffing of absentee ballots must’ve lost a few truckloads somewhere. My bad. The only Russians I saw in 2016 played for the Detroit Red Wings.”

Typical Democrat responses

“So, Tucker Carlson interviewed a Baltimore City Councilman. Carlson asked, ‘What happened to the $2.3 billion the feds sent Baltimore?’ Councilman said, ‘I’m not here to talk about that.’ Carlson asked, ‘Why have two mayors resigned? What happened to the money?’ Councilman responded, ‘400 years of racism.’ Sure. Classic Democrat politician, classic Democrat responses. $3,285 per constituent disappeared. Wow.”

Sanders’ plans for everything

“Suddenly Bernie Sanders has plans for everything; he didn’t last month. Bernie, who has never run any department, suddenly has developed a plan for how to run an entire government? Yeah buddy, and he’ll say his plan was tried and works well. Puh-lease. How does the plan operate in, say Baltimore? That tells everything we need to know.”

Gullibility in Baltimore

“Those in dire poverty who don’t change their behavior yet blame their surroundings on others are oblivious to reality. Those in Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore district, for example, have re-elected him for decades. Yet the squalor he maintains for his constituents has gotten remarkably worse and they still re-elect him. That’s gullibility! Gullibility isn’t about anybody’s envied red hat.”

Guilty of being guilty

“So, Trump is guilty of being guilty of something. Democrats need evidence of his guilt of being guilty. Because they don’t know what he is guilty of being guilty of and they don’t know where to find evidence. If Trump would just admit what he’s guilty of being guilty of, it would speed the whole process up considerably.”

What’s keeping you here?

“Ranter said, ‘It’s amazing how segregated this town still is.’ So, just what’s keeping you from moving to any of 10,000 other towns? Not one person, you aside, is forcibly preventing your move. This is the land of the free. Move. Go. What, no money? Get you some of that free government housing, food, education, etc.”

Credit to Trump

“So, Trump has the highest employment numbers ever. That ain’t pathetic. Bernie and the Democrats want to put everyone back on food stamps, welfare and free housing. How much misery can Democrats generate? Some liberals will find fault with Trump’s record employment, ‘But, but, but...’ Give credit where credit’s due. Thank You Donald Trump!!!”

Back to name calling

“Insofar as the rant, ‘Donald Trump is pathetic.’ So, we’re back to name calling, eh? No viable arguments, just name calling. If that’s all you’ve got, I’d say Trump is doing a very good job. If you had a smidgen of evidence or legit complaints, I’m sure it would be WWIII banner headlines for you.”

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