Support our Packers as they move on

“It’s time for moving along now. The Colquitt County Schools and its athletic teams are ready to start a new year. We have in place a capable group of men and women to lead them. How about us supporting the program first and wishing them well rather than dwelling in the past? Good luck to our Packers in 2019-20!”

Use rent on maintenance

“The apartments on 5th Avenue are looking terrible. If rent is being paid why can’t the landlord keep them looking decent. That is what the rent money is for. It’s called maintenance not just profit.”

Blaming pastors won’t solve problems

“Why blame ‘...pastors who don’t do anything about it?’ Novel suggestion: you take control of your life and make life better for yourself! Putting the blame or shame on pastors won’t solve problems, you CAN solve your problems. Displacing blame onto pastors isn’t improving your life one iota and won’t. Oh, and I don’t own a red cap ... don’t need one.”

Porches, rims aren’t to blame

“The ranter wrote, ‘...don’t have spinner rims and don’t sit on the front porch all day.’ Please don’t go dragging porches and spinner rims into this. I like both, just can’t afford the rims. And what did porches ever do to you? Spend more time on your porch when the weather cools, very rewarding. Try decaffeinated, maybe get a pet.”

Accusing pastors shameful

“I don’t like pastors being attacked here. That’s wrong on so many levels. You’re the one ‘...who don’t do anything about it!’ Get up, help yourself! My pastor does more for his community daily than you can write down in a week, and you dare complain? No, shame on you for accusing pastors of not doing what you won’t do!”

Creating racism

“The ranter wrote, ‘I bring up the sin of segregation in our town, our schools and our churches...’ Seriously? Now you’re saying churches are segregated? Puh-lease. And what church have you been denied entry into? Name one. This racism you’re creating is attitudinal. You see racism behind every tree and imagine a few extra trees for more racism.”

No benefits for immigrants

“The best way to stop illegal caravans is to stop the government’s gravy train. Period. This president is doing something positive for America, and, right on cue, Democrats, Hollywood celebrities, etc. whine and complain about how he’s hurting America. No immigrants should receive ANY government benefits. America has a surplus of welfare recipients now, no need to import more.”

The real reasons for Red Flag laws

“Red Flag laws are yet another insidious leftist attempt to start new constraints on the Second Amendment to remove guns by any means available. And that is exactly how those Red Flag laws will be used. These new legal attempts conflict with the Second, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments and move this country one BIG step closer to socialism.”

Single parents often do well

“The rant: ‘No, sometimes people born into situations that aren’t controllable...’ Poverty is clearly ‘controllable,’ children of single parents often do quite well in my experience and I’ve seen many successful people of all races do quite well. Looks like you did choose your own lot in life and ‘now live with your own choice.’ You proved my point precisely.”

New football mindset

“Rush who? It’s time for some football!!! #newmindset”

More Democratic hypocrisy

“The U.S. House wants to punish Israel for denying Israeli entry for Reps. Tlaib and Omar. Democrats figure their America allows radicals in through our Southern Border and Israel should also. When Israel disagrees, Democrats get upset. Democrats say destabilize one country, destabilize all countries. Democrats, who fancy theirs as the party of inclusion, apparently agree with antisemitism. Typical hypocrisy.”

Low deacon standards lead to decline of church

“What kind of church allows folks to politic to be elected deacons and what kind of church elects deacons who are divorced, use tobacco, drink alcohol and cuss like a sailor? This is the kind of nonsense that drives people out of church. No wonder attendance is in a decline?”

A move to keep children safe in school

“As a parent of a High School student, I am thrilled to see someone in the Welcome Center. I feel it is a step toward trying to keep our children safe.”

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