Always wanting more

“‘It’s amazing how segregated this town still is.’ Every town experiences income segregation; that’s life. Earn more money, move up. How much more taxpayer money do you want now? You envy my paycheck ... it’s about taking what others earn to buy more bling, huh? People stuck on welfare are always left wanting more. Get a job, get what you want.”

Red Hats are most gullible

“Who’s gullible? The Red Hats win that one. Nothing like insults and racist braying to win over the most gullible voters in the country. I was a loyal Republican when it still meant something (Reagan) but the party sold it’s soul to a demagogue who wouldn’t let his ‘base’ wipe his shoes.”

Why can’t Trump say what he wants?

“The left can speak as they please about Trump but let Trump say one negative line about the left and the left comes unglued. Puh-lease. Why can’t Trump practice the First Amendment the same as the left? Leftist media cannot be fair at all. Ultimately, the left is so upset just because Trump gives at least as good as he takes.”

This is what the UN wants

“Why doesn’t the UN set up its own border facilities, to their standards to help children re-unite with their parents and return home? If anyone wants the UN to set up better immigrant facilities, remember, the UN is heavily U.S. funded. The UN won’t do that; it wants to tell America how to operate everything. The UN seeks world domination.”

Who knew it paid so well

“So, Joe Biden worked 40-plus years as a PUBLIC SERVANT and he’s now worth $15 million. Who knew public service paid so well. And ‘Ordinary Joe’ has how many homes? And the documents amassed under Biden at the University of Delaware, well those have been sealed until after the 2020 election. Another fine example of Democrat transparency.”

Rigged nomination process

“If Joe Biden is the exalted Democrat candidate for 2020, which now appears likely, and the nomination is rigged for 2020 as was the 2016 nomination process. Why does anyone support these rigged Democrat elections? Oh right, so Democrats can then say the OTHER candidate colluded to rig the election to hide election rigging by Democrats.”

The truth about the market

“Trump supporters rave about how great the stock market is doing the 30 months he’s been President. The inconvenient truth is the market performed substantially better the first 30 months of Obama’s presidency.”

Tlaib thinks she can do it by herself

“Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), said, ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere Until I Impeach This President.’ Seriously? The power quickly went to her head. She’s going to impeach Trump all by herself, presumably without charges. Does anyone really believe these clowns, that one U.S. Representative can remove a duly elected President all by herself. Puh-lease. What has she done for America?”

Hollywood mouthpieces consolidate Trump base

“Right on cue, liberals are bringing out Hollywood mouthpieces to hurt Trump, including ancients like potty-mouthed Cher. The old, still wannabe relevant actors and actresses claim relevance in a world that long ago left them behind. Their bizarre, made-up complaints against Trump, and telling others what to think, are consolidating Trump’s base more than they know.”

Why hate Trump’s economics?

“‘Black unemployment doubled under Obama …’. And Democrats never complained once. Under Trump, black unemployment is at record lows ... and Democrats despise Trump to no end. What ain’t obvious? Trump has helped all Americans for 2.5 years. So tell me Democrats, why do you hate Trump’s economics so much? Oh, and no name calling; just facts please. And be honest for once.”

Keeping collusion alive

“Democrats asked Mueller if they can prosecute Trump even after he leaves office, say in 2025, or whenever. Mueller didn’t know. Democrats are still muddying the waters to keep Russia, Russia, Russia and COLLUSION alive just as long as they possibly can. CNN needs the ratings real bad. TDS burns awful deep with these Democrats. Best comedy in years!”

House responsible for budget deficit

“Before blaming Trump for the national budget deficit, remember, all spending bills must originate in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. The House is under Democrat leadership. If you complain about Trump and the deficit without complaining about the Democrats and their controlling role in the accelerating deficit, just remember: what part of hypocrite don’t you understand?”

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