Let’s see serious debate here

“The political rants have become like poorly written THE ONION articles. Surely there are people in Colquitt County who could share a comment that doesn’t sound like an echo chamber of a Fox News talking head. It was funny for a while; now it’s down right embarrassing. I would love to read some serious intelligent debate in this column.”

Hoping Biden’s nominated

“At Joe Biden’s New Hampshire campaign stop, he smirked when asked if he’d halt illegals’ deportations saying, ‘No, I will not halt deportations and detentions.’ The crowd chanted ‘three million deportations,’ to which Biden suddenly said deportations for a ‘serious felony’ were warranted, those for ‘misdemeanors’ weren’t. Whichever way the wind blows, eh, Joe? I so, so hope he’s nominated.”

She’s a typical Democrat

“Saw where Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D-NY), complained she wasn’t paid enough and now complains that she has to work too hard. Maybe she thought representing 700,000 people in her district would be easy? Typical Democrat: take, take, take with no work involved. Politicians are the highest form of welfare. She wants to spend her time on social media.”

The president actually wants to enforce laws

“Trump actually wants to enforce laws! Can you imagine? The audacity of this U.S. President, the head of the Executive Branch of government, actually wanting to execute laws passed by Congress. This President is actually interested in carrying out his constitutional duty! That’s a first for recent presidents. That’s what AOC, Omar, etc. despise so much about Trump.”

A manufactured immigration crisis?

“So, Obama deported 5.2 million illegals; that’s far more than Trump. And Trump, not Obama, is attacked for deporting illegals? But, Democrats, in their desire to become more leftist, now believe it’s racist to deport any illegals. And Democrats, like Pelosi, say immigration’s a ‘manufactured crisis.’ 5.2 million illegals is a ‘manufactured crisis?’ Seriously?”

Appalled by UN chief

“The rant, ‘United Nations Human Rights chief appalled ...’ So, how does this self-promoting bureaucrat intend to enforce his edicts in predominantly Muslim countries? How do Muslims handle illegal immigration? Do they house and feed their immigrants ... I think not. And I haven’t heard UN complaints about conditions for North Koreans or Venezuelans. Maybe I missed the news that day.”

What have House members done?

“I was thinking the other day, the House of Representatives hasn’t done a single, solitary thing this year but whine about Trump. I can’t think of any bills they passed, maybe they passed some to help their friends. Now guess what I just heard: the House is going on vacation for ALL of August ... guess they’ve been working hard doing something.”

Race baiting is getting old

“There’s always an uniformed person who insists on starting trouble. Look, we already have integrated churches and people sit where they choose to sit at ball games. This race baiting is getting old and the old school civil rights fighters who faced REAL issues in the ’50s and ’60s would be ashamed.”

Length of Propst case ridiculous

“Why is it taking so long for Rush’s case to be decided? This is ridiculous! It’s terrible how this man was railroaded out of CCHS!”

Let governor tour schools

“When Gov. Kemp comes for PCOM opening, please let him tour all our schools so he can see the demographic and socioeconomic disparities between GEAR, Wright, Hamilton and Sunset vs. all the other high minority and high poverty schools. Maybe HE can do something because our BOE WON’T!””

A dangerous moment in history

“Rally Chant: The president’s rally encouraged people to chant to send her back. Wow! Children were at the rally repeating what the adults were saying. The president should have been talking about healthcare, education, infrastructure and the trillion dollar deficit. This is a dangerous moment in U.S. history. Where are the senators that know this violates U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?”

Many should be fired

“I agree that the whole board of education and central office administrators should be investigated. They let Propst get away with it all those years and knew it, and what about the coaches who knew what was going on? They should be fired too.”

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