Inhumane conditions for migrants must stop

“United Nations Human Rights Chief appalled: The chief of the UN Human Rights could not believe what the US is doing to the migrant children and families that are being held in the pens. The U.S. that was founded from immigrants is treating people worst than some people treat their animals. This must stop. Call your representatives for humane conditions.”

Warren promises to the gullible

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren, (D-Mass.), promised teachers’ unions recently she’d tax the wealthy to provide free day care for every newborn in the country. And the Democrat party, whose entire platform is based upon abortion, suddenly cares about babies and children? Seriously? Warren’s playing to the gullible crowd again.”

Voters never learn

“Politicians have used these ‘freebies’ and ‘giveaways’ stunts for generations; the gullible buy it over and over. Those elected then do nothing. Next election, same promises. The ‘Rich’ don’t have nearly enough to pay for reparations, open borders, Green New Deals, free college, debt forgiveness, Medicare for all, free healthcare for illegals, mandatory gun buybacks, etc. Most voters never learn.”

Rich Democrats won’t raise own taxes

“I keep hearing Democrat presidential candidates promise to tax the rich in America to pay for this or that Democrat giveaway program. Funny thing, though, these candidates promising to tax the rich are, themselves, the rich folks they are threatening. Do you seriously think they are going to raise their own taxes to help anyone? Puh-lease!”

Freebie promises continue

“Candidate Kamala Harris, (D-CA), wants $100 billion HUD grant to provide taxpayer money for housing the poor. The program would target low-income, first-time home buyers. We went down that road in the early 2000s giving away billions to jobless people who couldn’t repay. Democrats want the same thing again and expect different results this time? Democrat freebie promises continue.”

Better than McCarthy investigation

“Trump has flushed out the Anti-American crowd from the shadows, especially politicians, better than any McCarthy investigation ever hoped for. And he’s exposed the liberal monster within our own government that has long awaited its chance to pounce. Liberals call him racist, fascist and nationalist which sounds odd coming from racists, fascists and nationalists.”

Questioning recent letter

Re: Mailbag. Questioning what the city does, doesn’t allow. I wonder what she was trying to say.

Baffling claims about the truth

Claims that Trump only tells the truth are baffling when he’s already been caught in so many (inaugural numbers, no Russian interference, wire tapping of Trump tower, etc.).

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