Dems spin, Trump tells truth

“These Democrats can’t speak on TV without their handlers and promoters jumping next morning to reword and clarify what the candidate ‘said.’ For the next few weeks, we’ll see the spin from candidates as they pivot to more centrist themes. Trump just tells the truth from the start. What’s hard about that? That why Democrats dislike Trump so much.”

‘Weapons of war’ are not on our streets

“During the Democrat debates, Democrats talked about removing weapons of war from America’s streets. I didn’t know Democrats allowed weapons of war on our streets, the law doesn’t; when did that start? AR15s, AK-47s, SKSs bought in America are semi-automatic, obviously not weapons of war. That ‘weapons of war’ line is more of a cover allowing total gun confiscation.”

Use facts, not name-calling

“The ranter recently complained the ‘president’ a bully, racist, liar.... Name calling admits defeat by showing you’ve run out of logical arguments and lowers your own level of discourse by proving you have no other facts to present. Try arguing your point with facts ... hard facts are more believable than name calling.”

Wrong about president

“To the person who thinks everything President Trump says is his business is wrong. The President is doing a fantastic job of helping the citizens of this country. Absolutely no thanks to the liberal pathetics.”

Liberals showing bigotry

“A Virginia restaurant refused service to conservatives recently; Democrats are welcome. I remember Democrats saying theirs was the party of tolerance, the party of inclusion, the party for all. And I thought we got past bigotry in the 1960s. My bad. Democrats are determined to keep bigotry alive, in one form or another. Liberals just cannot lose their bigotry.”

Award to Pelosi sign of hypocrisy

“When Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA), proudly received the Margaret Sanger award given by Planned Parenthood Federation of America, did liberals object? Not one. How would it look if a Republican received the same award? That would look racist. But not when Democrats receive the same award. What part of hypocrisy and double standard isn’t obvious?”

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