Trump is trying to denuclearize world

“Democrats attack Trump for ‘cozying up’ to Kim Jung Un, North Korean dictator. For decades, liberals have complained about denuclearizing a nuclear world but never seriously attempted denuclearizing any country themselves; but when Trump tries to remove nukes from the hands of a lunatic dictator and make the world safer, he’s criticized by Democrats for that? Seriously? Flagrant Democrat hypocrisy.”

I owe illegals nothing

“I don’t understand. I’ve worked hard to support my family all my life. I always pay my taxes. I’ve never accepted welfare, free healthcare, free food, free housing, etc. Why do I have to work hard to pay for welfare, free healthcare, free food, free housing, etc for illegals who refuse to leave? Why do I owe them anything?”

Russians did meddle under Biden’s watch

“I saw where Joe Biden claims Russia wouldn’t meddle in elections on his watch if he’s elected. Well Joe, they did in the last 2 presidential elections when you were on watch. And now is somehow different, Joe?”

Freebies are empty campaign promises

Clever Democrats are furiously arranging to buy votes with their freebies giveaways: free daycare for newborns, free student loans, canceling existing student loans, free healthcare for illegals, HUD grants for homes for the low-income, etc, etc. Of course, Democrats have no idea how to pay for ANY of these freebies, they’re just empty campaign promises to the gullible.

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