What Democrats have not done

“The House of Representatives has done zilch the whole year and want pay raises? ... and they want us to vote for THEIR candidate to give us more of the same? Seriously? What could be better for Trump in 2020 than repeatedly showing how much Democrats have NOT done on today’s major issues: illegal immigration, the budget deficit, passing ANY budget.”

This is why the president is beloved

“So, why is our president so beloved? Because he is saving this country from corruption and crime. He has lowered taxes and created more jobs than ever before. He has bought jobs back to the US and is trying to cure illegal immigration. Please quit watching fake news and wake up. He is your president too.”

Absurd accusations against liberals

“Liberals do this, liberals do that infinitum ad nauseam. Your accusations that ‘Liberals’ are responsible for killing babies is absurd and if you think for one second that all Conservatives are anti-abortion you’re nuts.”

President’s business is our business

“‘That’s not your business,’ replied Trump to a question about speaking with Putin at the 20 Summit. I take exception to that response. Anything Trump says or does in his official capacity as president of the USA is my business and the business of all citizens of this country.”

An invitation to interfere again

“So, Trump and Putin share a little joke about Russia’s interference in the elections of the USA. Trump clearly is attempting to invite Russia to interfere once again.”

Border Patrol housing shows hypocrisy

“The ranter complains about Border Patrol housing ‘250 infants, children and teens’? These were Obama’s rules from 2012, not Trump’s. And you wait until now to start whining? You were good with these Obama rules when Obama did the exact same thing, now you despise Trump for enforcing Obama’s rules? Your hypocrisy is showing again.”

Please make arrests

“On the front page of Friday paper arrest made of drugs dealers. Now please come to Funston and do the same here! I don’t understand why you can’t arrest the ones out here and you have been told several times what is going on!!!!!”

Name calling validates the other side

The ranter complained the ‘president’...is a bully, racist, liar...’. Name calling shows you’re toeing the leftist line. When you cannot prove a point, bring the argument down considerably and resort to name calling. When someone calls someone a bully, they’re usually bullies themselves. Name calling equals an immediate argument forfeiture and the other sides’ validation and lionization.”

Sanders creating moral hazard

“Sen. Bernie Sanders, (D-VT), wrote a bill that cancels all outstanding student loan debt. Colleges will become enriched, America goes $2.2 trillion deeper in taxpayer debt, and kids learn that if they wait, or elect socialists, they can’t be held accountable for their contracts. Guess that’s modern schooling. Typical Democrats out to destroy America. Biggest moral hazard in history.”

The real reality show

“Saw where there were 150,000 requests for tickets to Trump’s Orlando rally. Biden got less than 100 attendees recently. And the Ranter says, ‘this thing you put in the White House just used you for his ultimate reality show?’ Trump just gave YOU the ‘ultimate reality show’ on Tuesday in Orlando! Not tired of winning! MAGA!”

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