Why play it so loud?

“Will someone explain why do people have to play their music so loud? I work early morning shift and when I get home I don’t want to hear all of the loud music with all the cussing and whatever they are saying. Come on Mayor of Funston do your job beside putting up fences!!!!”

Who spends more on vacations?

“I have a friend who complained about how much Obama spent on his ‘vacations.’ Trump, in less than one term, has spent more on his ‘vacations’ than Obama did in two terms. Now, let’s hear the complaints!”

What has Trump learned?

“Donald Trump has been foaming at the mouth for almost two years because he was being investigated for collusion. Just a few days ago, Trump said that, of course, he would not hesitate to speak with a foreign entity in order to get information (negative) about a political opponent. Does this man have no scruples? Has he learned nothing?”

Finding a double standard

The liberal media, CNN, etc., is complaining today that Trump said he’d want to hear the dirt on his political opposition. And that’s bad. Hillary wanted dirt on Trump in 2016 so much so that she paid someone to make up dirt that wasn’t true at all. And that was good. Dare we say ‘double standard’?

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