Their trip

“Why did our county commissioners have to go to Ft. Gaines to take care of county business? And how much did it cost us?

A message

“To our county commissioners: Some of us mobile home dwellers would like to be in a nice brick home in a nice neighborhood with less crime and a better school district. However, Colquitt County, unlike other area counties, doesn’t have good paying jobs. Thus, we are stereotyped as low class trash. God help you if you look down you noses at us. You might be our neighbor one day in a mobile home.


“To county commissioner Whitaker: I have three sons who live in double-wides. They are nice looking homes. I would love to have them in stick-built homes. If you have enough low-interest loans that they can afford to build homes, then advertise them and we will be the first to apply.


“I just read where the Ten Commandments will be displayed in courthouses. Does that also include the Torah and the Koran?

Their friends

“Thanks for the editorial on the county commissioner who abstained from voting. I think this illustrates a problem we have in many instances with ‘leadership.’ They are mostly concerned about what their friends will think or how they will respond. Her comments are an outrage.

Voting block

“County commission be very careful. There are a lot of people in mobile homes. If they unite and form a voting block, you may have to rethink who your friends are.

Those snakes

“Bravo, Dwain Walden, Bravo. It's about time we start to really pay attention to the Burmese Python problem. If these lightpole-sized creatures reach Georgia, we are in for some real trouble. No amnesty for the Burmese Pythons!

Your column

“I just read Walden’s column about snakes. I like that thing about some people believing they originated in law schools and evolved to Congress where they eventually lost their spines. Of course I’m sure I’m like Mr. Walden — I don’t think this applies to all lawyers, just those who make it to Congress and a few others.

Mobile homes

“ Let me get this straight. The county commission can determine where a mobile home subdivision can be developed but farmers can move illegal Hispanics in wherever they please? Something just doesn't seem right here.


“Thanks for your letter to the editor Bobby Chapman. You speak for many who were naive once but later our eyes were opened.

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