For profit

“Garbage collection should be a for-profit business. The EPA does not call it a service. We have to have it and you have to pay for it. There is no free lunch. There is no free garbage. Wake up Colquitt County.

Think about it

“If you enjoy the inexpensive, high-quality food that you eat today for lunch, or the nice, clean, safe building that you eat it in... then you might consider thanking the hard workers who provided you these luxuries ... rather than holler mindlessly about banning them from this Country.

Field research

“Someone suggested that we can harvest our own vegetables. What a laugh! Go out to the fields and do some research yourself. Get a feel for the field. You’ll be shocked to see the labor required. WIthout the Hispanics, you couldn’t get up a crew around here to bring in five wagons of cabbage per day.

School districts

“One way to deal with unexpected growth in certain schools is to demand that students attend the school assigned to the area of the county in which they live.

Hamilton elementary thrives solely on the ‘private school’ environment which has been created by individuals driving their children from town to attend school at this small, predominately white school.

Rural living

“If you live in a rural area of the county, then you should assume that agriculture will probably take place around you. This includes poultry farming. As one enlightened individual pointed out, don’t own a few acres and expect to control hundreds surrounding you. If you don’t want to live around agriculture, move to town to a residential neighborhood.

An observation

“There were several comments recently about the ‘rich’ and ‘poor.’ For what it is worth, let me present this observation. There are some miserable rich people. And there are some people who spend every dime they’ve got to keep up with the Joneses. If the hot water heater blows, they’re immediately over budget.

Final four

“In March Madness we heard a lot about the ‘final four.’ Since I’m not a basketball fan, I thought they were talking about Bush’s approval rating.

Need fiber?

“Someone has a very busy lifestyle in our sleepy little town. He wants all the traffic lights timed for his travel so that he won’t have to stop at any lights. Maybe you need fiber. Or better yet, visit a hobby shop.


“To prom or not to prom. That should be the question. Apparently it has become so political and troublesome it’s not enjoyable anymore.

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