Nice folks

"I would like to thank Dr Kundi, Melissa, Amber and Bonita for doing such good jobs. I don't hesitate to go to the doctor there. They are all so kind and friendly. God will always remember nice and kind people like you all. Keep up the good work."

Blood pressure

"My doctor wonders why my blood pressure is high just when I come in for an appointment, maybe he should take a look at his front office staff. "


" Why do people say 'woman driven in ads when trying to sell a vehicle? As a woman, I know how I drive and that doesn't convince me that the vehicle is better than one driven by a man. Women aren't stupid."


"I was utterly disgusted by a biased comment in my class regarding Native Americans. It is difficult to fathom that such bigotry still haunts our society today. Is it not enough that we took their land? "

What we need

"So, we're getting 21 new SCV 'cadets'. Bet that's a real brain trust. Just what we need to perpetuate our image of backwards, ignorant racism."


" Why did the administrator of PEC choose someone out of state to fill the position of speech pathologist. As a tax payer, I would rather see my money go to someone from our county who also pays our taxes. I am very disappointed."

Dress code

"As an employee of the Colquitt County School System, I would like to see a systemwide dress code. Some schools may wear one thing while another may not. Why is this?"


"I was very disappointed in the parents at the girls softball game Tuesday night. Laughing and hurting the girls feelings on the opposing team. The girls left crying. What are we teaching our children? Shame shame shame!"


"To all the young kids who play ball or any other sports. Please be aware that sometimes grown-ups (and I use that word loosely) act like jackasses at your events. Ignore them. I know that's hard to do. Just imagine that they are all sitting out there in their underwear. Some of them just don't know any better and you can't train them otherwise. Laugh at them if you must but don't get down on yourselves."

Great job

"Good job! To the 50th Regiment Band last Tuesday night: You did a great job. The Jazz Band did a great job as well."

Learned lesson

"Don't worry, I learned my lesson. I won't carry the lunch pail for the GOP anymore."

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