“If enemy troops were landing on our beaches, then we would be fighting for our freedoms. Even if enemy troops were invading a close ally and we got involved, by extension we would justify that we were fighting for our freedoms. However, to go to war in lands were our freedoms clearly are not at stake is tantamount to the perpetuation of urban legend.

Those of low intellect, however, will buy into such political jargon. We have long used that line ‘fighting for our freedoms’ until too many people actually believe it. They fail to question, c challenge or demand sound reasoning. ‘Fighting for our freedoms’ has become and excuse for politicians to promote their agendas.

Gas issues

“Fuel efficient automobiles would make a difference on the fuel prices. Less demand would cause prices to lower. The reason prices keep rising is because of the risks relating to the supply...Iran. If congress would have passed Bush\'s bill allowing drilling for oil in Alaska we wouldn't\'t have these high gas prices.

I agree with the person ranting about gas prices in response to the naive person saying get rid of your 4x4\'s and V8\'s. The rising cost of gas only makes everything else go up as well. Not everyone owns an SUV, 4x4, or V8 but that has nothing to do with the cost of gas. People with smaller vehicles are complaining just as much to. You can no longer put 5 or 10 dollars in your vehicle anymore. It seems everything goes up but wages.

Wild driving

“ People driving in the wrong direction at Wal-Mart? Are you kidding? This is America, who has to follow directions?

This goes along with perfectly healthy (lazy) people parking in handicapped spaces. (Maybe they\'re mentally handicapped?) Nobody seems to know what a turn signal is anymore. The list is mind boggling...


“Why is it that so many family members feel the need to go to the prom? Is that a Moultrie custom or what?


“We are reading about the cockfighting arrests and you would be surprised at the number of fathers in the area who take their sons to such events for macho/cruelty/wife beater training.

The apple never falls far from the tree.


“How dare I wave the flag in your face? May be you should tell me how many more terrorists attacks have occurred in this country?

Maybe you should tell us what your not voting has done to this country? May you should vote and make America a leader of the world again.


“In reference to Çounty Commissioner Whitaker’s response to subdivisions: Mrs. Whitaker, not all of us can afford to live in a $200,000 brick home.

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