“Thanks for the column on cowboys and Indians. My thoughts exactly, except that I can’t express them like you do. Of course what you said is something we don’t like to talk about. We have our own atrocities that we would like to minimize via Hollywood.


“To the ranter who said Mr. Walden doesn’t have the intellect to write columns on political subjects: Do you really think that our politicians of today exude all that much intellect? Surely you jest. Furthermore, I think if you were as astute as you claim to be,  you would notice the subtleties that get woven into Mr. Walden’s commentaries. I grew up much like Dwain Walden did. I enjoy his observations and the way he presents them.


“Colquitt County Sheriff's deputies would serve much better off the fence watching during football games. While getting concessions, My wife and small child were almost trampled by a large group of teens shouting ‘fight!’ and running. Several families with small children were around. When the deputies were told, they shrugged it off and continued to watch the game.

In response

“The comment about the people not leaving a tip for the waitress, I for one usually do not carry cash. So I fill out an amount on that little line that says "tip" on the debit receipt when I pay for the meal. I hate being judged like this.

 Quit the dirty looks and hushed whispers (that are not so hushed) you send my way. You are trying to make me feel guilty about taking my family of 7 out to dinner, when you do not always know what you are talking about.

Wagging the dog

“The people we put in office turn around and tell us what we can and can't do. When is the tail gonna quit wagging the dog ?

Me, too

“I also got a letter from my physician to change my appointment. This is not professional at all. Its good to see that they would rather spend money on a stamp than talk to me on the phone. I think its time to find another physician.

Glenn Beck

“At his rally on Saturday, Glenn Beck said, ‘America today begins to turn back to God’. I have seen nothing in Glenn Beck's behavior to make me think he is a "godly man".

You write them

“If Mr. Walden does not have the ‘intellect’ to write political columns, why don't you write them for him? I am sure the sharing of your knowledge would enlighten the community.

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