Selling it all

“We, the American public, are selling and giving our country away inch by inch. We have gone to the point that we will sell our grandmother for enough money; and when we allow another country to fly their flag on our flag pole, under our flag what are we going to allow next? Have we forgotten who fought and died for it?

Proud American

“I’m proud to be an American. And I don’t want to see another flag flying beside it or near it on public property.

That flag

“I, too, agree the Mexican flag should not fly at C.A Gray. This is the United States of America. If you allow this flag, you are opening doors for all flags ( even the good old rebel flag. So where is our school board?

It wasn't a coup

“Oh for crying out loud! The Hispanics of our community didn't get together one night, break into the school, and raise the Mexican flag! The teachers (who are most all American citizens) did as part of a lesson! I hope the kids learned a lesson from you guys in the rant and raves on how stupidity really looks in print.

More on flag

“Yeah, I'm sure the Mexican flag probably did upset the same three guys that always write in over and over again about immigration. Hello! Both candidates favor comprehensive immigration reform and one of them will be elected and enact it. Guess what? The sky will not fall and your neighbors will have valid driver's licenses. Moving on to more important issues now...

Bad business

“Yes, let’s cut the millage rate and dip into the reserves so that in five years we are in a bind with no reserves and the next hurricane comes through to clean up after.

A joke

“ Nuisance abatement is a joke and a waste of taxpayer money. Why are people being made to clean up an are. If they cared they would do it themselves and only require the help of the trash trucks. Not the fire and police departments.


“You see what competition at the gas pumps can do to prices. Just imagine what could happen if we had competition at the oil wells.

Small issue

“If a Mexican flag hanging at one of our schools is the biggest concern we’ve got, then we’re chopping some pretty tall cotton in that regard.

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