I agree

“I agree. It’s time to bring the troops home. You cannot win a war with religious fanatics. We have no place being there to start with, except to take out bin Laden which appears to be a futile  design anyway. If we had a draft, then more of us would feel like we owned a part of this war. And chances are, we wouldn’t have gone in the first place because it woiuld have been bad politics. Both countries, Iraq and Afghanistan, are rock bins. Since we do not partake of any of the wealth from natural resources, let’s get the  heck out. We all knew from the beginning that ‘spreading democracy’ was a hoax.

Utility bills

“It is HOT, HOT, HOT and utility bills are HIGH, HIGH, there is no relief in sight. The city has nothing in place to help people with extremely high bills. Community Action can't help everybody. It is not just low income families out there that needs help. You call the city  and they ask for half plus $25.00 to hold your bill another couple of days. EMC and GA Power work with their consumers. Why, not the City of Moultrie?

School food

“The Colquitt County School system hassome great cooks, that no longer use their talents at school. Everything has gone to frozen this and can that. Yes, it is the parents’ responsibility to limit fast foods at home, but what about school? There should be more fresh fruits and vegetable on the school menu.

Support teachers

“Another school year is about to begin, let's support our teacher's because they deserve it. Who knows, they could be teaching our future leade's.

Just a thought

“It is so hot, why doesn't the Board of Education change the school starting date until after Labor Day. There is no air conditioning on the buses ,and it would save on electricity. Oh! and save on furlough days. Just a thought.

Left lane

“Yes, it is but it's not your job to block the left lane to enforce it. What if you are blocking someone who has a personal emergency? What if you and others blocking the lane cause someone to be late to an important appointment or someone going to see a loved one in the hospital.

You don't know why they are in a hurry and it's not your business. You should be courteous and get out of the way

In response

“To the ranter. The drag strip at Spence Field was denied because that is still a working airport. Moody trains there too.

Also Spence field is not deserted as you stated. In fact in brings in tens of thousands of people every year with the Expo, Car Shows, Arts shows, etc.


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