Bring them home

“It’s time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq. We are wasting lives and resources.

 The idea that we are installing democracy is a joke. The seeds and the desire for democracy must come from within.

 This was not the case. Wars in either of these countries was a mistake to begin with. They are a bigger mistake to continue.


“Wow, the new racetrack brought out 140 cars and 7000 people. Without spending $300 million on a road to nowhere.

Now maybe the people who have denied the applications for a drag strip at the still deserted airbase will take notice.

I agree

“I agree. I work 2 jobs and have lots of errands to run. It's very inconsiderate to have 2 cars in both lane going 50 miles an hour and they don't get out of the way. If you are scared to drive get off the road! And save the phone calls for the home or office not the car.

55 is the law

“If I’m going 55 mph in either lane, then what does it matter. That’s the speed limit.

We don’t have a law that says there’s a different speed limit for the left lane. Perhaps there should be, but there isn’t.

Maybe that’s a concept our lawmakers should visit.

It's about jobs

“Another person screaming ‘put them in jail’ all that gets is another generation of kids raised without fathers,which is what gave us these thugs in the first place. Put these men to work, PAY them.

You place me in a situation with no money, and I am going to steal to feed mine too.


“WOW, every DET and SWAT member plus surveillance for a month to bust 8 ounces of pot and $2000 cash. The drug dealers must be reeling after that haul.

Packer post

“I'm sure the old stadium will look nice when finished,but wouldn't it have made more sense to have built a new stadium at Packer Park and solved the parking problem also.

Puppet post

“When are you going to realize there is a power behind the president. The president is nothing but a puppet post, a talking head for the real power.

Mainstream media will have you believe that Obama is doing something? The last president that did something was JFK and look what happened to him. Look at who contributed to Obama's campaign and that's the real power.

Offshore banking interests and the military industrial complex.

 That's who you blame!


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