Raw material

“It’s generally accepted that the military separates the men from the boys. No one claims this happens over night, or that the system is 100 percent successful. The military can only work with the raw material we provide to them.

Liberal media

“Does the media, academia, and the ACLU really employ secular progressive social engineers? Does the job require a degree, or would just a healthy dose of partisan political opinion suffice to land such a position? Sounds like a roll-up-your-sleeves and knuckle-down-to-a-real conspiracy kind of thing. I wonder if they offer good liberal benefits with that job?


“ Our Bosnia involvement was not unilateral but under the auspices of NATO. Our troop commitment to that operation was approximately 25 percent of the total NATO deployment. Best estimates on cost put it at below $2-billion a year. There’s just no point of comparison between Bosnia and Iraq, and no point in trying to make one.

Some history

“Secretary of State George C. Marshall sponsored the plan for European Economic Recovery. It provided financing for the rebuilding of post-war Europe. The Marshall Plan was not a nation-building operation per se, nor was it a military one. We provided the cash. Europe rebuilt itself. As for D-Day, Dwight Eisenhower was ETO Supreme Commander and, since it was his boots on the ground, has traditionally been given some credit for it as well.


“If Bush had used FISA, whose role it has been to provide authorization for surveillance, no one would be suggesting that he broke the law. On Monday, one of 10 FISA judges, James Robertson, submitted his resignation -- in protest of the president’s action. U.S. Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, head of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, expects officials from NSA and the Justice Department to explain the warrantless spying. I think we can safely leave it to them to determine which part of the law has been breached.

The facts, huh?

“No one in the Clinton administration was indicted as a result of the 6-year long $50-plus million dollar Whitewater Investigation. Deputy White House Council Vincent Foster committed suicide after several critical Wall Street Journal articles. Fragments of an apparent suicide note read, “I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here ruining people is considered sport.” It appears that his observation remains valid, and applies to people considerably beyond DC’s beltway.

Think about it

“To those complaining about liberal media. There is no liberal media in China, Cuba and many other places in the world. But there are warrantless arrests and official murder. Think about it.

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