Crime wave

“There’s a crime wave going on in Norman Park. I don’t think county residents ought to have to pay for law enforcement in that town. That just ain’t right.”


“I was noticing the other day at just how rude people have gotten, maybe I have just been blind by it, I don’t know.

“Why do you people that get to the cashier at a fast food place and just keep talking away. Not only is it rude to that cashier that is trying to take your order and make sure it is correct but it is very rude to those behind you. Those that go through drive-thru do the same thing. You know who you are. I mean, come on: It is drive-thru for a reason. It’s supposed to be fast. I mean that is the idea.

“And, people, when some tells you to have a good day or thank you— please make at least a try at being polite or maybe you will be the next one complaining when you go back to that place of business and you are not treated so kindly.”

Blame game

“I am so tired of Democrats blaming President Bush for all our problems.

“Look folks, President Bush is no longer in office, Obama is. Obama and his band of Democrats are the problem. That is a fact!”


“Thank the Lord that someone else has figured out that separation between church and state is only a means of keeping the U.S. from establishing a national church.

“I am so sick and tired of all the political correctness that seems to be propagated by special interest groups. I am tired of my rights as a Christian being trampled upon. I want the 10 commandments back in our court houses. I am sick of hearing Happy Holidays, when the season is Christmas!!

“If we do not take a stand for our beliefs, they are going to be passed off as inconsiderate of others’ beliefs. Come on, people, our Constitution did not cover beliefs that were inconsistent with God. If you want to live in this country understand: We are a Christian nation! So, Merry Christmas.”


“I still say that football is more important then academics in Moultrie. Is this the reason why the education level is so low in the city and county? Get on the academic band wagon for the future of our children so that they will be able to carry on in the future. Not many will get jobs in football.”

Berlin police

“When I travel through Berlin, I don’t pay no attention to the cops and they don’t pay no attention to me. Wanna know how I do it? I obey the law.”

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