Research first

“Before we go into another country to impose democracy, let’s take a poll and see if they really want us.

Better decisions?

“I’ve just watched a Fox ‘news’ presentation where they talk to a handful of U.S. soldiers. These soldiers said we should be there and they will win. Of course we don’t expect active soldiers who are volunteers to speak against an action.

Certainly we support our troops wherever they may be sent. Strangely, many officers who are no longer in service but who have served in Iraq don’t agree with these statements. And of course it’s not just the soldiers or the officers who must determine if actions are worthy but the general citizenry, since we have a tremendous tax investment in this matter as well as voting power as witnessed in the November elections.

Curiously, some of these soldiers, even though they weren’t even born then, said we could have won in Vietnam if better decisions had been made.

My thought is, if better decisions had been made, we wouldn’t have been in either place.

In response

“To the person complaining about flies near a Brooks County dairy farm. But, doesn't that cheese, milk, butter and ice cream that comes from those dairies taste so good!

Iraq study group

The Iraq Study Group has delivered its report and the President has read it. It prompts sober reflection which goes against the grain with Bush. He prefers relying on gut instinct to reasoned judgment in arriving at decision. The former provides the staying power of conviction while the latter must perforce submit to change as new information, experience, and knowledge alters the picture.

This all-too-human and subject-to-change condition can produce the appearance of waffling for which Bush has traditionally reserved his greatest expressions of contempt.

The ISG Report was a bucket full of cold reality splashed on the face, but it will have served its purpose if it awakens Bush to the fact that we are at a point beyond any concern for mere appearances.

Be humane

“To the people that have livestock starving in the fields around your houses. Please sell the animals or give them away to a better home for a chance at life. They can not speak for them selves nor take care of themselves. Horse prices are very low now, but that's no reason to let them suffer.

Our growth

“As our county becomes more populated and more subdivisions outside of the city develop, there will be a greater diversity of thinking throughout the community.

This is a natural progression. Also, as pointed out in a recent editorial in this newspapers, as the elbow room gets smaller, tempers will get shorter.

The future certainly calls for adequate planning and much community input. The fact is, the old gray mare ain’t what she used to be.

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