The links

“With reference to petty crime and non-petty crime by technical definition: These definitions do little to distinguish crime problems in a community. They are merely clerical terms. Consider that much of the ‘petty’ crime goes to support the drug trade here. Then factor in the violence involved. The linkage speaks for itself. Also consider the amounts of it we have. By my estimate, it comes to about $100,000 a month or more in items stolen and damages done.

Private school

“You say you want a private school. Why not just hire yourself a private teacher. If your child desires to learn in the public school system, there are many professionals there who will make this happen. The key word here is desire.


“Thank goodness someone finally uplifted the classroom teacher in the discussions about character building and instilling values. We outnumber coaches rather substantially if you care to check the ratios.

In response

“ In response to ‘Private Schools’...Have you ever been in a Colquitt County Schools' classroom during instruction time? I am interested to know how you feel you are qualified to say that the education I attempt to give my students each day isn't decent. Maybe you can enlighten me and I can become a better teacher. You need to be careful when criticizing...some of us are trying.


“I hope the police will begin watching the truck traffic on Quitman Highway. We are seeing more and more tractor-trailer rigs weaving in and out of lanes and riding the bumpers of smaller vehicles. This is tragedy waiting to happen.

Great idea

“A private school is a great idea. The classes are smaller, the teachers are more motivated (they don't get paid much) and they are not geared to graduate anyone with a pulse so the stats will look good. The discipline is also much better and parents are more involved.

Go for it

“Want a private school? Form yourself a committee and go for it. All you need are some people with deep pockets to make it happen. But then consider that one private school here folded. Question: Do you even have school-age children or do you just like to throw out ideas for other people to fund.

Good question

“The Observer’s Saturday editorial on baseball and steroids is good food for thought. I think we all are about fed up with pro sports. The salaries are ungodly and there are more thugs than there are sportsmen. I reiterate the very good question: Does the public even care anymore?

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