Sad day

“I’d like to say that Tuesday was a sad day for Colquitt County, with the passing of Commissioner Merle C. Hall. Her dedication and service to not only the District 6 citizens, but to all Colquitt County citizens, will never be forgotten. Our prayers go out to her family, from all of our families. Thank you.

Oops! A leaf!

“ I’ve never been so disgusted and outraged in my entire life. Yesterday, while getting my mail, I noticed a cabbage leaf on the edge of my lawn. I just couldn’t believe our law enforcement would allow anyone to get away with such a flagrant display of lawlessness.

Somebody needs to quell this situation before another cabbage leaf falls into my yard. What is this world coming to? Merry Christmas!

Not artificial

“ Bush continues saying he rejects setting an ‘artificial date for departure from Iraq’” But no one has ever called for the setting of an ‘artificial date’ for anything.

John Murtha called for the immediate withdrawal of our forces. There is nothing artificial about ‘immediate.’ It means initiating total drawdown now!

Bad comparison

“George Bush has compared his mission in Iraq to that of Harry Truman’s in Japan. No one is going to confuse Bush with Truman, or Iraq with Japan. But since he made the comparison, why hasn’t he had Saddam deliver a Hirohito-style surrender speech?

It wouldn’t inspire all of the insurgents to stand down and accept defeat, but I suspect it might prove a more useful exercise than trying to replay Nuremburg in Baghdad.


“What I want to know is when did it become the responsibility of department stores to preach the gospel?

In response

“The God I know could not possibly care less whether we greet one another with "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" at this lovely time of the year. 

If God is so egotistical that He gets upset about something so insignificant and unimportant as a simple greeting then He is just as petty as the Christian fundamentalists who are agonizing over this trivial address. 

Christian fundamentalists are obviously the most insecure and unstable persons on the face of the earth. 

They apparently attribute to God their own conceit, arrogance and vanity. 

How can they possibly worship in good conscience such a pompous, self-glorifying deity as they apparently perceive God to be?  

Great event

“Christmas in the park in Doerun Georgia was a great event this year, it was great to see a community come out and celebrate the birth of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with the holiday music and lights. Thanks to all who help with this event.

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