Your choice

“You folks who don’t like the cotton on the roadsides, move back to the city.


“I want to commend the city council for the statesmen-like way they handled the bed and breakfast issue.

Remove signs

“You’ve had your 15 minutes of fame. Please remove the signs on South Main Street. It gives a bad impression of our city.

What’s missing?

“The downtown lights and courthouse are beautiful. One thing is missing, where is the star?

Taking straw

“I don’t mind you picking up my pine straw, but please rake up where you leave the remains in my yard and on the street.

Cover debris

“I passed one of the city vehicles bringing leaves and trash out to the dump. Leaves were blowing out the back. If they would consider putting a tarp over this load, we would really appreciate it.

GOP House

“The Republican House said we’ve got to get the budget under control. So, they cut $50 billion from Medicaid, student loans, federal child support enforcement and food stamps. Then they turn around give $56 million tax cut to the richest people in the country. Does this make sense to anyone?

Majority vote

“Your rebuttal on who got the popular vote in the Bush vs. Kerry campaign is correct. I think the ranter was probably referring to the Bush vs. Gore election in which Gore received the majority vote.

About honor

“ Bush has told our troops that their return home with honor is conditional. They must stay the course until victory in Iraq is achieved. The success or failure of Bush’s policy is his responsibility. It is a political issue that cannot be transferred to the military. They’ve done their duty. They can return home with honor any time to the hero’s welcome they’ve earned. No conditions! What has become conditional is the type of discharge this commander in chief will merit at the completion of his term of service.

Me, too

“I also get disgusted with the Falwell, Dobson, and Robertson comments on how good they are and how terrible everyone else is.

The difference

“ How many of the citizens opposing the events center on south main have attended functions at the Art Center (alcohol provided)? Were you concerned for the safety and privacy of the families that live across from the Arts Center? Oh, I forgot, they are low income and unimportant.

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