“I read somewhere that Colquitt county is a supportive community. Well, we have fired four of the last five head coaches we have had and two of them had winning records. We let Coach Hughes retire without so much as a going away party, or gift. I don't see the support.

Got your wish

“For those who have shown little support to out CCHS football time you have your wish. We will miss Coach Cokely. With what I've read here and seen at the games, one could only wonder what those young men would be like with the parents they have if it wasn't for this fine coaching staff. Best wishes Coach! May the parents at your next school show adult integrity during the good times and bad times. Finally, shame on those of you who showed such a lack of class at our last home game.

Not king

“If we are not careful, nobody will want to come here to coach. No true support, no participation, and we expect to win. After what happened to Coach Singletary, you reap what you sow boys! Football is not king anymore! Queen at best!

Happy now?

“I am sure the armchair quarterbacks of high school football are dancing in glee because Coach Cokely is leaving, but I regret we are losing a man with strong Christian principles. The player in my class came back to my classroom with tears in his eyes when he heard his coach was leaving.

3 great years

“Thanks Coach Cokely for three great years of quality leadership at CCHS. Unfortunately, you are not an alchemist able to transform lead into gold; however, we are better people because of your whole life approach to high school sports.

Don't blame yourself

“ I don't blame you, coach, for stepping down. I wouldn't want to deal with these hypocritical self-righteous Moultrie people, either.


“I want to rave about our local Humane Society and the employees. They have the most caring people there. Some of them go out of their way to take the unwanted and make them desirable again. Also, there have been many animals brought in by passes-by, that were obviously very beloved pets. So, if your pet is missing, please check the Humane Society as soon as possible.


“Considering the seriousness of global warming, when are the Christmas lights on the square going to be upgraded to lower wattage lamps.


“What are we teaching our children? Winning is everything.

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