Won't happen

"Legalize marijuana? That's some more of that Libertarian rubbish. It ain't going to happen. Get yourself a viable project. "

Farm issues

"If the farmer cannot find labor from Americans, it does not mean that he is being stingy with the pay and benefits.

Many farmers are going approaching bankruptcy because they do not profit enough to be able to pay their employees what they do.

The issue of bringing immigrants in to work in the fields is more complicated that most people realize. Please don't assume that all immigrants working in the field sare illegal. Many of them have come legally in a work program designed to help our economy, not hurt it."

Save your breath

"Quit trying to explain modern farming to these people. You are wasting your time. They think a garden is a farm They think milk comes from a carton and beans come from the store.

Their knowledge in this area is so limited they haven't got a clue to what you're talking about. They probably watch "Green Acres" re-runs on television and accept that as a documentary. Save your breath."

Chicken houses

"It was nice to read that someone is concerned that a chicken house site is too close to the entrance of their plantation hunting lodge, and the owner is worried mainly about the potentially malodorous smell. I wonder if there is any concern or worry about the smelly chicken houses near my home that are too close for my comfort."

Hitting home

"So the chicken house reality is hitting home. 'Not in my back yard' will be heard more, I assure you."

Foreign aid

"The U.S. Congress gives your cash, free, as 'foreign aid' to just about every one of the OPEC nation governments. Think about that every time you're at a gas pump or filling out your income taxes."

Hispanic labor

"In response to 'cheap labor': Are you just sure that Mexico is the cheapest place at which labor can be done? Oh and just don't think about getting started with the Hispanics. I am a Hispanic and I am proud of all the work that people of my race do and I really don't like when people start on the subject of sending all the immigrants back to where they came from and about their jobs. Please don't get it started again."

Some respect

" I think that people need to have a little respect for others that live in apartment complexes. Blowing your horn and playing loud music is not civilized in the community that I live in. I have a small child that is only 5 months old and she needs her rest. So please have some respect and stop blowing and playing loud music!"


"I agree. Let's get just as concerned about academics as we do about football. When we seek a math teacher, I don't see any rants and raves about how to go about it. The same goes for biology and English and history, etc. We take those roles for granted."

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