Live with it

"For years, Colquitt County citizens have fought any kind of zoning, saying that's why they live in the country. Well, now you see why zoning was important. You had your chance. Now live with it."


"Some of us have our priorities straight. They involve clean water and other environmental issues. The dollar is not always our priority. Think about our children."


" Of course we need jobs, but we need close attention to where chicken houses are built. Who wants one close to their house?"

Trash issue

"I live on First Avenue and we have the same problem explained by a previous ranter. Please don't scatter the trash when you pick it up from the canisters."


" I just read about the former Catholic priest from Moultrie who is in jail for sexual abuse of young boys and have one question. Are perverts drawn to Catholic priesthood because they are pretty sure that their perversion will be consistently covered up and paid for by the church?"

Search panel

"Are there any blacks on the coach search committee? Just wondering."

Troop deployments

"Kerry lost the election - by a huge margin - get over it. Troop deployment is based on battlefield assessments from the Generals and top brass over in the combat area.

It is not done from a scratch pad on the oval office desk -as your Mr. Kerry suggested. President Bush gave our military leaders the additional support (troops) that they requested (like he should), most likely to help eliminate future US Troop casualties. Are you suggesting Kerry would not have sent more troops when requested?"

Great job

"In the spirit of good news, I want to praise the Colquitt County Singers for the lovely job they did Monday night with 'Messiah'. The music was absolutely beautiful, and the choir is to be commended for their hard work and dedication to a volunteer, community chorus. It was terrific.

The CCHS Choral Department's Christmas Concert is Dec. 9 at 7:30 p.m. at Wither's Auditorium. Come out and show your support for these fine young people and hear more wonderful holiday music. "

Oil prices

"Prior to the election, each increase in the price of oil was blamed on the Bush administration. Funny, now that the election is over and the price is now falling rapidly, nobody seems to want to attribute that to the Bush administration. Once again, positive proof that mainstream media leans far to the left."


"To the person who welcomes me and all the others Hispanics. Thank you very much! Now I know that at least one person accepts us here. Thank you very much."

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