The truth

“I think all the ranters about the Reed Bingham deal are about to find out the truth and I don't think they are going to like what they hear.

Both ways

“In response to experienced teachers that goes both ways. There are several "experienced" teachers that are stuck in the old way of teaching and our students are changing! We need "young" teachers to help the next generation learn. Every teacher had to begin somewhere. Graduating with honors is a big deal and they should be proud! I say step aside and give the "young" teachers a chance to shine!


“Why is it that Colquitt Regional will allow non-handicapped employees to park in a handicapped parking spot while they are on the clock? I have seen some that do not have a handicapped permit issued by the DMV or a temporary permit issued by CRMC.

The lazy

“Young teachers are not the problem.  Ineffective and lazy teachers are the problem, and they come at all ages.  Just because a person has taught for 20 years does not make him or her a good teacher.  A system needs new and experienced teachers to combine new ideas with traditional ones.

King Tut

“I saw on the news last night where they've found out King Tut, who lived 5,000 years ago, died of malaria. It amazes me that we can figure that out, but we can't find Bin Laden.

Think about it

“Has anyone everthought that maybe just maybe that their was a good valid reason that they felt that transferring out Mr Powell was best at this time. That maybe the reason is something that would not shine a favorable light on Mr. Powell, people are human and make bad decisions that sometimes cause harm to others.

I do not see Mr. Powell putting up a fight over his reassignment. Have we heard from him on this matter?  So think about it before you cause the real truth to come out and it stains the reputation of someone this community holds in high regards.


“I see many, many names on petitions to keep Chet Powell at our park. I do not see any petitions urging him to be transferred or citing anything specific that he did that should cause his transfer. Maybe the one or two backing the transfer were among the drunks he made leave the facility. If you are many, then be counted like the supporters.

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