“To the deputy working the semi accident on Hwy. 111 Wednesday: Just because you were in a bad mood and have a badge doesn't give you the right to be rude and accusatory. Did it ever occur to you that you weren't doing a good job directing traffic?

You never know how your thoughtless actions can affect a person's whole day. I respect law officers but arrogant officers like you are the reason why good law abiding citizens dislike cops in Colquitt County.

Our newspaper

“Those who call The Moultrie Observer a rag, fish-wrapper or communist newspaper tend to have narrow minded views that are focused on one thing, their own issues. These people will throw in ‘Gestapo’ whenever possible. As a police officer, a referee, etc... I'm thankful that for a fairly small town, we have a newspaper that stands for the community wether the issue is education, local government or our wishes for OUR state park. Thanks again!

Powell issue

“Chet Powell never acted like he owned Reed Bingham. He managed it just as his title indicated. The more people that he could get on the park, the happier he was because he knew it was being shared and enjoyed. He ran a very safe family-friendly park.

If you were drinking, speeding or were being unsafe on a crowded lake, then you probably got a little embarrassed when you were corrected, ‘harassed or intimidated’.

There have been a few negative comments here all with the same tone. If you had followed the rules, we all would enjoy the park more and you would be focusing on the bigger picture and not your own self-interests.


“Tiger Woods does not need the public to forgive him.  He need to ask God to forgive him and repent. He shall be forgiven. He needs to ask his wife to forgive him and show it in his way of living. He doesn't need your forgiveness or my forgiveness.

My problem

“I don't have a problem with churches getting off duty police to patrol because of the recent attack. My problem is with uniform officers that only patrol around certain churches.


“Packer Park is flooded again! The reason for this: there is no drain tile anywhere. How much money was spent on the Park?

Their lie

“Have you noticed that DNR is not addressing the lie they were caught in?

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