Food in gym

"I am a visitor from Bainbridge attending a basketball game here recently. I think it's awful that you can't eat in your gym."


"I appreciate the man who pumped up my tire Sunday morning in Doerun. He works at Taylor Ag. There are some good people in this world."


"Bush says he doesn't' want to spend our tax monies unless he gets something for it. This man has put us in more debt than we've ever been in and he wants to talk to us about not throwing our tax dollars away?"

Pot hole

"Would someone look into fixing that pot hole at the corner of Rowland Drive and First Avenue northeast right in front of Colquitt EMC. My mother has already had to have front-end work on her vehicle due to this pothole. "

In response

"Yeah, lets build a home for runaway girls! There are so many of those in Moultrie, you know."

Noise issues

"Is there or is there not a noise ordinance within the city limits. Something needs to be done when you can here a persons music 3 blocks before you see them!"


"Ask the people who lost their lives on September 11 if there is a difference between terrorism and drug trade?"

City park

"A city park is a great idea. We have been going to Tifton and using their's for years.

My suggestion would be to put it on the Veterans Parkway. On the South end there are wooded areas for shade and low areas that would nice to build a pond for duck and such..

Highway 319 is our passport to growth if we would just capitalize on ways to attract those who pass through Moultrie to stop and stay awhile and spend some of their money here."

Good idea

"If selling the property at the old hospital is possible once the building is torn down, I think we should do that. Let's put some money back into the coffers for a change without taxation. I would expect that is a very valuable piece of property."

21st Century

"I read that story about the Georgia flag issue and I thought to myself, aren't we now living in the 21st Century? Can't we get beyond this mess?"

Rising again

"Hey folks, the South has already risen again. It has risen above the ignorance of the past. Well, let me say that many of us have. I see by the flag story that some haven't."

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