Our democracy

‘You folks who rant and rave about local government and its subsidiaries, where are you on meeting night? We have the greatest nation on earth equipped with open meetings laws, open records laws and freedom of speech. Our great democracy is bought and paid for with blood. It’s ironic that we don’t practice all that we preach.


“To those who are retired from federal government jobs ... and we have quite a lot in Moultrie ... do you contend that the federal government doesn’t do well in managing money, given your retirements and insurance benefits? Just wondering. I haven’t heard many of you speaking up.

That building

“All I have to say about the Friedlander project is good luck. Moultrie is not Thomasville, Waycross or the state of Florida. The Friedlander building should be torn down like the mule barn and replaced with a parking lot for all the tourists who will surely vacation in Moultrie.

Mr. Walden

“If some readers are relying on Mr. Walden to put down on paper what they think but can not express so eloquently as the editor should really think about extending their education past the third grade.


“If I was the mayor of Moultrie, a city or county commissioner, a law enforcement person, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce I would be very concerned about the news on the front page of the Observer on Wednesday.  Obviously the editorial staff have that concern. There is too much criminal activity in Moultrie and Colquitt County.  There is no safety of person and property.  What business would want to locate here, create jobs and a tax base when they read about double slayings and a possible attempted murder.

Yes, Ms. Barfield, you  and many others in this community have every reason to live in fear each day  because there is too much criminal activity whether at work or home. It needs to end.

Special needs

“To the individual who posted ‘My Discovery’, I sincerely hope you are truly thankful to have a child who is healthy. You obviously have no concept of what life is like for parents of special needs children who want their children to have equal access!


“Thanks to The Observer for our opportunity to speak out in this forum. Let me add my voice to applause for those Packer players who got scholarships.

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