Let God do it!

“To the person who said ‘let God do his job’ regarding Chet Powell - what are you talking about?! Ok, if God solves all problems for us, then we should eliminate the police and jails and let God take care of them.  After all God knows what they did and will take care of everything.  

The rest of us will be safe and sound since God is there observing them right?  

Now, explain how your philosophy makes any sense.


“What an amazing revelation in today's paper! Someone saw Chet Powell driving the state truck in town and ‘sure wasn't for park business. I also never saw a personal car at his house any longer than a week so I know it wasn't his.’ Let's get up a posse. I've got the rope! Should we hang him from the Magnolia on the square? Could this personal vendetta be more obvious?

The park

“If you want to see total control, you should have gone to the boat races at Reed Bingham.You would have thought the president was coming.. We were asked several times were we drinking and the cops were constantly riding by on four wheelers. They would stop and stare at us. It was so bad we left and the four cops at the gate about broke their necks trying the look in our cars on the way out.

In response

“One great thing our government gives people, besides ‘free’ food, daycare, monthly checks, and doctor visits, is freedom of speech, so I will exercise my right to use it since I don't receive any of the latter. I do have three children, and the reason I don't make minimum wage, and can afford to feed them without taking money from our broke government, is because I suffered through college and got a four year degree. I also chose a responsible husband and father of my children who does not believe in depending on others to feed his family. It's called being responsible for what is yours.

Copper thefts

“With all the copper thefts from farmers pivots in the county, why can't we have a ordinance that says you must go by the sheriffs office to get some type of OK before you sell it to recyclers. The same could go for small equipment before you sell or pawn it.

Powell's truck

“To the ranter complaining that Chet Powell drove his state truck everywhere. Apparently you've never noticed all the city and county vehicles, school buses included, being used in the same manner

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