"The Iraqi people conduct a free election for the first time and all the Democrats can talk about is an exit strategy. That's the same Democrats that put our troops into Kosovo with no UN mandate, no international coalition and no exit strategy. If two years in Iraq is enough for them, why are they not screaming about the six years we've had troops in Kosovo?"


"Democrats have criticized Bush for not admitting mistakes in Iraq. How much credibility do they have to ask that question when they can't admit any successes in Iraq?"

Not right

"I saw where there will be classes for the Hispanics to learn English being taught at Moultrie Tech College free of charge. A week before that an article was in the paper for those American's who would like to learn Spanish. They can do so at Moultrie Tech at a cost of $85. How un-fare is this? Why is everyone so giving to people who are not legal never plan to become legal. and yet I pay taxes and they do not offer me the same.."

Learn from this

"The turnout for the Iraqi elections was at least 72 percent. We should learn a lesson from people who are brave enough to risk death to vote. Next time you complain about how your government is being run, ask yourself if you were brave enough to vote."

In response

"To the person who wrote 'some 37 servicemen were killed in one day in Iraq and for what? What in the world are we doing in this mess?'

We're doing the same thing we were doing in Germany, where thousand of servicemen were killed. Are you aware of all the Iraqi people who have been massacred before we went to Iraq?"


"All this grumbling about our national debt is pointless without perspective. What they omit to tell you is that France, Germany, and Canada all have a national debt that is higher than ours."

Smith Road

"Why is the trash along Smith Road never picked up by the inmate crews? It is deplorable out here. Something should be done."


"We really enjoyed the Fun Night at Sunset School. We hope this will become an annual event."

Check facts

"To the person who said there were no blacks on the committee seeking a new football coach: There were two blacks on that panel. Check your facts."


"Bush should fly in on another fighter plane and declare that democracy is in place in Iraq. And get our troops out."

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