How it works

“All of that business on South Main Street about the bed and breakfast and people debating the pros and cons about it is how our system of democracy is supposed to work. Voices are heard. Debate is had. Public forums are utilized and action is taken via our democratic republic structure. And now enters the judicial challenge. That, too, is part of that system.

And you don’t have to be a direct party on either side to have and voice an opinion on it. That’s America folks. Some people say something is wrong when these issues get batted around. Just the opposite is true. Something is wrong if these things can’t and don’t happen. Think about it.

Office Depot

“Whatever happened to the Office Depot that was supposed to come here a couple of years ago?


“I would like to say thank you to Sgt. Randy Stephens. You really helped me the other night. We need more lawmen like you.


“I’m glad that zoning is an issue in the District 6 county commission race, because we definitely need a land use plan and zoning in this county. I hope the voters of District 6 realize that there is a lot more to this commission seat than voting against a zoning ordinance. Zoning is not a tax! Zoning is protection!

Please Stop

“To the people who are throwing the dead animal carcasses out on Seay Road in Funston, we wish you would stop. Those carcasses can produce diseases and smell really bad. Please stop dumping things on Seay Road. If you lived in that community, you wouldn’t like it either.

Missing Flowers

“Sunday afternoon I was in a cemetery and I noticed the wind blowing flowers about the area. So I wonder if some of the flowers reported missing were stolen or if the wind just blew them away.

Equal Protection

“Actually you need a lesson in constitutional law. Under the ordinance on the books at the time he applied, there was no reason to deny Larry Franklin the permit he applied for. That’s called equal protection.

Bus Drivers

“I hope that pay raise includes the bus drivers. We always get left out.

Need a raise

“The employees of Colquitt Regional Medical Center expected a cost of living raise in our January check. We did not get one.

Gas has gone up. Meals in the cafeteria have gone up. Our benefits are very cost and very poor.

Surrounding counties get a lot of our nurses because of better benefits and pay. When are we going to get a raise?


“Saxby has supported Bush at every step. It is time he showed some better judgement of his own.

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