Tired of it

“I am sick of hearing about the lack of bonuses at CRMC. The ranter makes the good employees look bad. I have always had good service at CRMC and am thankful for the leadership of Jim Lowry.

In response

“From the attitude displayed by the ‘blame the big wigs’ letter written by Lynwood Montgomery, I would hate to have him in my organization.

If you knew

“Please do not think there is nothing a terrorist would want in Moultrie. If you knew some of the things moved around or even stored here in our sleepy little community you would be very shocked. I and several other carriers move equipment and dangerous cargo in and out of here all of the time. Beside terrorists are here to disrupt our way of life not necessary to destroy us. Their purpose on 9-11 was to ruin our financial system and if they had to kill a few thousand in the process so be it. With the way the economy is right now it would seem they have succeeded.

Birth Certifigate

“I'm just looking to see Obama's birth certificate long form. If I had to show mine to sign up for Little League, I think the president has to do the same. A certificate of live birth is not a long form birth certificate.


“Personally, I don't hate Obama because he is black, I hate Obama because he's Un-American! Socialism is not what this country needs at the moment or ever. Whenever the ranter can come up with a viable excuse to not hate Obama, other than the fact of his race, please do so. Otherwise, shut up with your racist remarks and come up with something other than what the brainwashing mainstream media gives you.


“It looks like the Doerun leadership has responded some what to our comments. I haven't had the welcome committee (police) watching my every move over the last few weeks! I applaud the change if one has been made!

A difference?

“Want to make a difference in our city? Want to hold our public servants (notice I did not say elected officials) accountable for their actions. Whenever there is a public town meeting, we should all gather en mass to these meetings and express our opinions on how we should better. Remember, we elected these people for the better interest of the people of this city and county. This is how you take control of your government.

They just win

“I noticed that the Falcons don’t get any respect. They just win.

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