I disagree

"I disagree. You must not have a child in college. I 'm in my third year of college. My parents cannot afford to pay my way to college. I have received the Pell Grant each year and I don't have a sex problem. Had it not been for Pell and student loans, I could not have gone to college. If you don't know what you're talking about, keep quiet."


"So, does the school administrators know about kids smoking on buses? This should not be tolerated."

Better choices

"I think the kids need better choices in school lunches."

School system?

"Teachers should not be changed from one grade level to another during the year. This is not to the advantage of the kids."


"It would be nice if our area schools would get together and schedule graduations on different days. We have family graduating to several different communities and it's difficult to choose which one you will attend."


"I find it very offensive that someone said Pell grants are not necessary because of young people's sex lives.

I'm a young person in Moultrie who goes to college utilizing the Pell grants. I can't afford to go to college without this. Whoever said this should take a very close look at the educational system and the young people using the Pell grant."

Media issue

"I personally want the media out there when we are at war. I don't want to be sold a load of garbage by politicians who seek to justify their agendas and feed their egos.

Yes, I want to know how many of our soldiers are being sacrificed, what is being accomplished and what it is costing us in tax dollars. The idea that the media is telling the enemy anything of strategic importance is farfetched and is the desert equivalent of urban legend."

Don't get upset

"Hey, don't get upset about the negative comment on Pell grants. This comes from the same people who would have our school kids writing on slate and sitting on five-gallon buckets for chairs.

They will say it was good enough for them to do it that way. And if you go check them out, indeed they are happy to exist and not to prosper. We do not have to accept their philosophy or their lack of desire to improve their minds. If you qualify for a Pell grant, go for it."

Our frailties?

"It just hit me. We are a nation that has many weapons of mass destruction. Also, we have significant irregularities in our voting process from time to time. We are a nation that once slaughtered Indians and chained slaves. I hope we don't get invaded for that.

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