"Why is there 90 percent black basketball players on the middle school and varsity teams and only two black coaches.?

This is why our black children don't stand a chance in athletics in Colquitt County. If you think this is a joke, wait until they announce the next head football coach.

Black parents you need to speak up for your children and stop letting those wealthy whites sell your kids. They don't give a darn about you or your children."

Clinton's fault

"Bill Clinton is the reason for the military mess. He wanted a kinder, gentler military. Our military is in the situation it is today because of him and the Democrats! Bill should have worried more about the military and its families then Monica and his career! "

I know you

"To the person who put a gun to my head at Fifth Street convenience store and made off with my cash. I know who you are."


"The 'we must all share this planet' ranter is bushy-tailed naive. Much of the planet wants to kill you and take your space."

It's history

"To the person complaining about Gen. Moultrie; it is the year 2005. We have made numerous changes in our county, country and our world. Get over something that happened over 50, 75 or 100 years ago and concentrate on what you have right now."

My experience

"Say, now that Thailand's government wants money, helicopters, and other aid with its natural disaster, is it also going to be more 'humane' with issuing resident visas to the 10,000 American citizens living there? "

My personal experience with that govERNMent was an 'ugly disaster', and definitely unfriendly."


"Red Dawn', what a crock of fiction that was! I could get more philosophy out of 'Star Wars!'"

The cost

"The war in Iraq is costing us $8 million an hour? When Bush gets us in a mess, it's certainly a big one! And this does not include what it will cost to replace the rubble."


"You say that when all there is left are Republicans, then they can't blame the Democrats for the mess we're in. You are naive! They will always blame someone else. Bush has yet to admit he made any mistakes."


" After reading the Rants and Raves column for a couple of years now, I see that there is an incredible amount of hate and ignorance among us. People are still fighting the Civil War and many hold hatred for other cultures. May God help us!"

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