“The church mentioned in Ms. Ladson’s column is a prime example of fanaticism — the kind of fanaticism that can turn people away from religion.

Not about guts

“I am not sure that guts has anything to do with the fact that some narrow-minded people don’t want more historical houses and places to entertain in this town, I think some people need to look outside there 70- year- old -box. Get with the times of today or move to a retirement home.

Women deputies

“For several years I have been ranting about the sheriff’s office having female officers on the road division — not in schools or serving little papers during the week. I’m a female, and I think it is discrimination and sexism. So sheriff, how about it? Are you a sexist? The city has females. Oh, they are not politicians ... ok, I get it.

Border patrol

“There is a politician with the will to enforce our national laws at the Mexican border? Bush, the former cocaine-user, is not that man.


“ Thanks to the people that pick up the trash in Bear Creek in Norman Park. Thanks to you not coming on time, the dogs and wind have made a mess in our ditches.I hope that you will clean up the mess and start coming on time. Our day is Friday and not at 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. This is not just a holiday mixup, it happens quite often. You want your money, but don’t want to provide good service.

Not over

“The Bed and Breakfast Issue is far from being over. I believe the old hospital would make a fine events center with adequate parking, booze, a little bit of noise, and good neighbors to share the excitement. Looks like I will play the lotto until I win, then I can build the finest events center ever at that location.


“To the bromide basher who thinks I need a book on clichés: au contraire, I submit that my use of that old saw was entirely accurate and to the point. I will reiterate: the caliber of the military’s entry level echelon is only as good as the raw material we provide. I don’t care if I’m not understood, but I do take issue at being misunderstood.

This latter requires a belligerence of presumption that ignores and overrides the very limited point under consideration. To wit: our military would not be suing for access to some of our university campuses for recruitment purposes were this not a problem.

Should the military succeed in its effort, they will still have to separate the men from the boys. The fact of the matter is that some just don’t cut the mustard.

As for biology, intelligence, John Wayne, and your assessment of the human species, it isn’t worthwhile endeavoring to conciliate some classes of opinion, but I will observe that you make Schopenhauer seem like an optimist.

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