Getting a job

“I am a older person that recently graduated from Moultrie Technical College. My question is, why bother trying to better yourself. To get a job you have to have experience in that field. Well why bother going to school then?

You can’t get experience without a job. But nobody wants to hire the unexperienced.

I want zoning

“I live in the county and I want zoning. For that matter, so do most of the folks I have talked too.

Without zoning in the County, someone could possibly put a Strip Club next to you house and you couldn’t do anything about it!

What happened?

“Raves to the super renovation of Moultrie Manor apartments. It is looking better and better every day. I am only hoping that the residents will appreciate it when it is done.

Question remains

“All right Moultrie it is time to wake up! Another one of our fine physicians has left town and joined the staff of Smith Northview, from what I have heard it is an awesome hospital. The question is why are our great physicians leaving CRMC?


“To the person who said the two things you can count on is death and taxes, well there is a third one to add to that, and that is people will always complain about the most insignificant things, that is very clear if you read the Rants and Raves each day.


“I was very impressed with the size of the MLK Parade in Moultrie. It seems to have a lot of participants.

I would like to see more white business and organizations participate. After all MLK’s dream was for us all to come together and work together and live together in harmony.

Learning fast

“ If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to lose. Who’s going to notice the disappearance of freedoms that weren’t recognized in the first place?

There are places in the world today where not just ideas disappear, but people as well.

In those places smart people know that you’ve just got to act like nothing is wrong; you’ve got to go along to get along. Some of us are learning fast!


“I know a person who curses the Rants and Raves section of your paper.

Yet he reads it everyday. Wonder if this person just gets a rash when other people are allowed to express themselves without fear of intimidation?

Wonder if this person doesn’t like it when he can’t control thought and expression?

Mr. Walden

“Mr. Walden may be funny in his columns but he want speak a word to you on the street unless you are part of the ‘in’ crowd.

He, however, looks at you like you are a piece of trash.

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