“I want to thank the nurses on the fourth floor of CRMC and the personnel in ICU for taking care of me in November. I also want to thank my doctors. Together this team saved my life.

Dog issue

“Maybe the person who lives on Mitchell County Line Road who poisoned the stray dogs can come on over to Bass and Bryan Roads and then to Doerun to get rid of dogs here.

Great job

“I’ve learned first hand what a great job the volunteer firefighters do. I don’t think it should be an option to support them. I think everyone should be assessed $25 annually to their tax bill for this protection.


“Thanks to Hal and Priscilla Carter for what they’ve done with the old Colquitt Hotel. There will be two new businesses on the bottom floor. Also, the lighting of the sign on the front has brightened up downtown.

Reese is wrong

“Charlie Reese got it wrong. The Jack Abramhoff scandal maybe wasn’t the worse since the Tea Pot Dome but maybe since 1995 when Jim Wright, a Democrat leader in the House, sold his entire publication run to the Teamsters for $3 million. By the way, more than 80 Democrats were the recipients of Jack’s largess.

Real men

“Thank you Coach Casteel and Coach Peek; you took on a crew of swimmers and molded them into a swim team to be proud of — remember, swimming is what real men do during football season.

Poor George

“George W. Bush said he wanted to see democracy in the Middle East.  Well, yessireebob, old George got it in Palestine, but he did not get it the way he wanted it.  It seems that democracy is fine as long as the elections come out the way old George wants them to come out. 

But, when they don't, he does not want to deal with the duly elected government.  Mind you, it is indeed a duly elected government of the people, by the people and for the people (it has done far more for the Palestinian people than Arafat ever did), but old George will have none of that!  Give George a government he likes and can control or give him a dictatorship he can support, but don't give him Hamas. 

 Poor George.  He just can't seem to get the Middle Eastern people to behave the way they should.  I suppose he will just have to invade Palestine now to overthrow Hamas. 


“ Good gosh! The old defense of the farmer was ‘don’t you talk about a farmer when you have a mouth full of food’. I guess the new cry is ‘don’t you talk about zoning when the depression is near and you have a mouth full of feathers and a yard full of flies!’

Got nothing

“I wanted to say something good about Bush. But I got nothing.

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