Bible column

“Mr. Walden, great column on the Civil War Bible.

Fire response

“When you or your family calls the county fire department, we are there. We are there to protect your life and property to the best of our ability. Please help us by staying out of harm's way. Once everyone is out, nothing in that fire is worth losing a life over. Please don't cuss at us while we are saving your things.

Waste water

“ I see this ‘severe’ drought didn't prevent the city from filling the pools for the recent idiotic diving ‘competitions’. How many people attended? The divers and their parents is all!

Nice facilities

“I was in your town for the swim meet this past weekend. You have really done a great job on improving that facility. I applaud you. We also enjoyed visiting your city. It’s a nice place.

I don't vote

“I don't vote either, but that is my choice, not yours. I guess you think if someone doesn't vote they are somehow inferior to you. Well, I've seen some of the people you have elected to office. They are no worse or no better than the ones who didn't get elected.

In response

“I’ve never met Mr. Walden personally, but I read the newspaper here regularly and I particularly enjoy his columns. If you think he is a disgrace to his profession because he doesn’t obsess on something of such minute importance as a government retreat, which by the way is not uncommon but is rather common, then it could be that you have issues that should require counseling.

Not humorous

“To the ranter who said Dwain Walden should give up his day job and become a comedian, I'm sorry to inform you, but I have read some of his columns. He would starve to death if he had to depend on his sense of humor for a living!


“This past Saturday I witnessed a man leave a big black dog tied by the neck in the bed of a red truck at the General Dollar in Norman Park. It was about 90 degrees and very sunny. That poor dog was tortured with no way to get off the hot metal bed of the truck. Next time that I see you do this to your dog I will get you tag number and call the Humane Society. Would you leave your kids in the same way?


“Why have a street party in an effort to squelch crime? Our law officials should patrol our streets in military armored vehicles, this would probably impress the criminals much more than music and a hotdog!

Nothing to do?

“So the kids have nothing to do? Is that really a reason for them to be criminals?

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