What we give up

“I agree, every time we accept a grant we give up a few more rights to manage our own business.

Needs mowing

“The crepe myrtles on the Veterans Parkway are beautiful. It’s a shame that the grass is so high that it takes away from the looks.

Where it starts

“If test scores are to increase, the educational process needs to start at home. Parents must be involved.

Whom to blame

“Fred Maxwell shouldn’t blame everything on liberals. He should save some blame for Sen. Isakson who voted to keep the minimum wage where it has been for 10 years.

Trash cans?

“Trash cans in the ground give Moultrie a well-groomed look. Why would we want them setting out on the street?

Been there

“We’ve already had the issue of roll-out garbage cans before us. We decided not to go there.

Felony record?

“Since when are candidates with felony records allowed to run for and hold public office?

Show off

“Okay, the armchair historian is at it again. That person obviously loves to be published and to show how uneducated everyone else is. The quote: ‘Would he reserve a space there for Madam LaFarge to do her knitting?’ makes perfect sense to those of us who have studied the French Revolution but most people here probably don't get it, so stop being a show off.

STAR works

“As a teacher, I can tell you that STAR works for many students.

It is not only about discipline; there is also help with homework, tutoring, and having someone care whether they do well or not.

No, it's parents

“ It does not 'take a village to raise a child'. It takes parents who will take responsibility for their children and teach their children to accept responsibility for their actions.

Slow down

“This is to the faded red Dodge truck and the new dark blue VW Jetta that I saw on Friday evening and are new to the Cherokee Drive neighborhood.

We are a family oriented neighborhood with families or kids out taking walks, riding their bikes or even roller blading in the evenings. The speed limit is 25 mph - please slow down!

Gun packing

“The last thing we need is local citizens running around armed despite what is written in the Constitution.

Should we have people carrying pistols in their belts when they go to dinner?

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