Many thanks

“Our family loved the children’s parade uptown. It was a lot of fun for all of us. Just wished more participated. Thanks to all who worked on getting it together.


“Thanks to Chet Powell, The Friends of Reed Bingham and everyone who put together the festivities at Reed Bingham State Park on Fourth of July weekend. It was a great day. Applause, applause!


“Why does the police department have so little experience within their investigation section. I was the victim of a theft and have only been contacted by an investigator once since then, and he seemed not to have a clue what to do next in the case.

It's wrong

“When a student can go through K-12 and not have but one minority teacher, something is wrong with the system. I know of a lot of minorities that are highly qualified and I am one of them. I have been in education for 30 years, and I put in an application for the school system in Colquitt County and I have not heard one word from Human Resources. I would love to be an assistant principal in your school system.

Real scared

“We scare em' don't we? Break in somebody's house or steal something and the judge will lock you up with cable tv, air conditioning, three meals a day and you don't even have to have a job. Not a bad deal in these economic times huh !


“I cannot believe just how low some people can be. It takes a real low-life to steal from the helpless and homeless. Someone broke into the Moultrie Humane Society. It is absolutely beyond me how sorry some people are. There is a place reserved for you in Hades.

Lighter side

“This is in response to a recent note in the Rants and Raves column. I, too, moved here a few years ago. I appreciate that The Moultrie Observer offers a wide array of opinions on its opinion page, liberal and conservative. I also want to thank Mr. Walden for lighter-side commentaries. They are a nice break from the political pundits. He often takes me back home to people I knew. He gives me chuckles on days when I really need them. My wife shares my opinion.

I disagree

“Mr. Walden, I think if smoking is to be taxed ( a sin tax they call it) then I think gluttony also should be taxed. Overeating is also bad for your health, much like smoking. Therefore I disagree with your column that says ‘pound for pound it’s a bad idea.’ But you have a point that it would be tough to put into effect without more bureaucracy.

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