"If the person ranting about cracking down on illegal drivers is referring to the man involved in the wreck that killed the Gibbs, he should know that Jose Martinez is an American citizen - born and raised here, just like him."

Good job

"I was headed south on the Veterans Parkway, when that nut came off Overlook Drive, during that chase. He needed to be stopped! Good job sheriff's office!"

No matter what

"I don't know a president who hasn't made mistakes. They are human. I still support Bush no matter what."

Dog problems

"After this recent incident with the mauling, you would think folks would show more concern and responsibility. I live in the country where we continuously have problems with our neighbor's pit bulls. We have tried to talk to him about making sure his gate is shut if he chooses to have such an animal. Instead, the dog continuously gets out and comes into my yard where we are held captive."

Need a witness

"I would like to advise adults that drive church vans and/or buses that you need another adult riding with you because there are people out there that can falsely accuse you of things like molestation, etc. Better safe than sorry when you're trying to do good deeds."

Foreign aid

"As our own veterans and elderly get short-changed, they should also ponder the $300 billion foreign aid handed to Israel during their lifetimes."

Don't argue

"Don't argue with a Republican about spending money. If it's spent in some foreign rat hole, it's being conservative. If it's spent in the U.S., it's being liberal in their view. "

Tax revolt

"Libraries, cemeteries, and schools should all be privately funded only. It's time for the mother-of-all property tax revolts, nationwide."


"I have seen so many kids in stores get a wheelchair because they like playing on them. Why don't the kids leave them alone and leave them for the handicapped people?

I have three kids. One of them will bring me one and if their grandmother is with us, they will get her one also. I think it is sad that some parents let their kids play on the wheelchairs. That is why so many of them are messed up."

My business

"Tree ordinance? If I choose to clear my lot of trees, that's my business. I may want to build a house or expand on my house. I may just want to sell the pines so I can pay my taxes. Get a hobby!"

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