“To the person who keeps referring to ‘Bush haters’. You hated Clinton. We dislike Bush’s politics. There’s a big difference.

Not on call

“The speeding police car was not on a call. He was going back to the station, scarcely two blocks away. Many of them going back to the station speed. They also go through the school zone near First Baptist in the mornings in the same fashion.


“Congratulations to the CCHS girls basketball. You did good. You’ll get them next year.


“Because Bush is such a bumbling clown does not make us ‘Bush haters’ for pointing it out and desiring better. Obviously the ranter who keeps uttering these words was a ‘Clinton hater’ and Clinton didn’t get us into so much debt.

Speaking fee

“ Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan will gladly speak to your group - for a price, normally being $150,000 but Lehman Brothers paid him an extra $100,000 to be the first investment firm to book him, according to the New York Post. The firm paid this hefty fee (plus carfare?) to him to meet 15 of the firm’s most important clients.

How safe

“In spite of what our president said about the investigation of the Dubai port deal, yesterday it was revealed that no check was made to see if the Dubai government was connected to any terrorist organization. How safe do you feel now with Bush as our leader?

No wonder

“I just watched an independent U.S. Senator grilling government officials on the ports issue. They literally could not answer any questions. They kept saying they would have to research the points of inquiry. No wonder we get terrorized. Our government doesn’t know anything.


“Now we learn that there was at time when we could have taken out Osama bin Laden but the administration thwarted that attempt because of the Arab Emirates officials (friends of the Bushes and most likely linked to 9-11) were in close proximity and might have been in danger. What a comedy our government has come to be. It reminds me of the Keystone Cops except that they had no financial interest in bumbling things.

Catching up

“We may have come a long way as a county in 150 years, but compared to some of the other communities around here, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

What a mess!

“I was just in another county where they still have those ugly garbage dumpsters. What a mess! We can be glad we got rid of those things.

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