“Everyone interested in their property rights should read DeSoto’s book, ‘The Mystery of Capital.’ What tragedy you are asking for when you ask the economic establishment to set up laws to keep poor people confined to the slums and public housing of the city and county. Zoning is nothing more than apartheid. Protecting the vested interest of rich people.


“News of the Georgia Congressional Delegation’s junket to Dubai does not appear to have been educational. Contrary to their report, the CIA’s online World Fact Book says the UAE has 98 billion barrels or 10 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves and the world’s fifth largest natural gas reserves -- in a federation of seven emirates smaller than the state of Maine.

The ‘due diligence’ that slowed the Dubai Ports World deal down for public scrutiny was the result of constant reminders of post-9/11 threat levels, and the coaching of the American public into knee-jerk reactions to all things Arabic or Islamic.

Making the world safe for global capitalism requires the opposite strategy from that of the dumbing down of the body politic, i.e., the job before our leaders today is one of their own making. Watching them deal with this course correction isn’t entirely amusing.

Big stick

“Maybe Bush was reasserting his policy of preemption to try to scare Iran into stopping its nuclear program. Three years of diplomacy have had a net result of zero. When diplomacy fails, maybe you need to wave the big stick.

Military force

“No president, Democrat or Republican wants a war or to be forced to use military force. It is always preferable to use diplomacy first but when that fails, the benefit of using military force must be weighed against the costs.

No one with any common sense would ever rule out the military option because it weakens your diplomatic bargaining power.


“ I wish that Reed Bingham had cabins like so many other state parks have. They are such a draw for families looking for a nice place to vacation. They can be used year-round.

Most of the other state parks have some and we have stayed in them.

We are campers too, but sometimes, it is nice to stay in a cabin, especially in the winter.

The reason

“The reason there were no zoning supporters at the meeting was because we were at home enjoying a peaceful night with our families.

I am confident that our county commissioners see the need for a zoning ordinance and land use plan.

Their job is to do what is best for all citizens of Colquitt County, and not just a select few with personal agendas.

An enforced zoning ordinance and land use plan will not solve all of our problems, but it will sure be a step in the right direction.

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