Gun toting

"I think everybody is packing a gun but me. I guess I'll go get me one and make it unanimous."

Living will

"In the Schiavo case, I can only speak for myself. But if I'm in such a vegetative state, I want to be let go. I do no want to be kept alive because someone else has a strong opinion that it's their right to see me suffer. I'm going to call my lawyer and have one of those living wills set up."

I agree

"Land-use planning.You are absolutely right, change is inevitable. It's unfortunate that we have dragged our feet this long. As a rule, our community tends to come from behind on these issues. We are not overrun by forethought."


"Yep, wealthy property owners are moving into the county and they want their cake and to eat it too. Some of us will fight zoning tooth and nail because it infringes on our rights and why we moved out here in the first place."


"Again, let me state that liberal and conservative doesn't mean squat. When it comes down to oxen in ditches, the individual will look out for himself."

Social Security

"If Bush takes care of the Social Security issue the way he has energy, health care and the war in Iraq, then we don't have anything to worry about."

Great effort

"I want to add my congratulations to the students at Colquitt County High for sponsoring the largest blood drive in the state. This was a very mature thing for them to do."


"I'm concerned about some older students mixing alcohol with soft drinks at a recent event. This needs to be looked into."


"Shawn Clayton is a good example for our youth. I want to congratulate him on his winning essay about Communities In Schools."


"I want to thank the school officials for keeping our kids at school during the recent storm. A suggestion: In the future please announce this on radio and television so that parents won't be alarmed when the bus doesn't arrive."


"I think the school board should consider placing monitors on the school buses so that the drivers can concentrate on driving the buses. This is a precious cargo."

Alternate fuel

"Tapping the oil fields of Alaska only addresses a minute part of a big problem. Why isn't our administration pushing alternate fuel sources? Bio-diesel and ethanol are viable options.

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